Monday, November 26, 2012

Attached to the wrong man

I was watching sex in the city today and Carry made some good points in tonight's episodes. Why do we seem to be tied to a man who doesn't want to be tied down? Why are we drawn to a man that constantly gives us the avoidance/approach relationship? Why are we emotionally attached to a man that's emotionally unavailable? Why are we attracted to man who makes us feel bad? Why do we make a man a priority, when he makes us an option or can't seem to put us first?? Why do we care to put a man first, and put our all in relationships, with a guy who doesn't even care if we are in his life? Oh this was a good episode, lol. In the words of sex in the city, Samantha, when women say we, a woman means,the man and woman, but when men say we, they mean, themselves and their dic*. Are we even choosing guys that care if we're in their life? If so, we need to reconsider who we choose and choose better. In the words of, sex in the city, Carry Bradshaw, are we addicted to wanting someone who is unobtainable?and if so, why? As Carry would say, are we masochist? Do we actually feel we deserve love, deep down inside, or are we trying to meet some bio chemical need of lack of pleasure when it comes to love, because it's our pattern? Well, as Ellen Fein would say, this is not the rules. We have to change what gratification means to us. In other words, man who wants us, is gratifying to us. Man who is emotionally unavailable is not gratifying to us. Man who isn't capable of loving us is not gratifying to us. Man who is on some b.s. is not gratifying to us. Man who says one thing and does another is not gratifying to us. Man who has a lot of baggage and stuff going on, which prevents him from being emotionally available to us, is not gratifying to us. Man who does not treat you good and does not make you feel cherished is not for you! He no longer gratifies you. Man who plays games and man who abuses you and or makes your feel low or less than is not for you. He no longer turns you on. Fuck that guy! Let's be cave woman about our needs. Me woman, you man, you treat me good and make me feel yummy on inside, lol. He who cherishes you, adores you, pursues you, courts you, treats you good, and is committal is, what gratifies you from this point forward.

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