Saturday, November 24, 2012

Guys Like Good Girls or Bad Girls ?

Do guys like the good, the bad or the evil? I think men sometimes go for the bad girls because she's a challenge. She's entertaining. Men like challenges, but being a bad girl isn't Godly, nor kosher. What's a girl to do? I say, give him the best of both worlds. Be good, but be a challenge. Play hard to get and surely, you'll be giving him the best of both worlds. You see, men are use to women desiring love and being needy and desperate. When they meet a woman they had to chase and pursue, it makes them feel like she's a prize to be captured. He then knows that, if he wins her over, she wanted him for who he is, and not just using him as a seat filler, for her love fantasies. Men can be borderline when it comes to love, as you all know, lol. They say one thing and do another. They request one thing and downplay a woman when she does it. Let's face it, men are confused. Men are stuck on what they want, not what they need. What they need is, a good woman, who is a stand by her man kind of girl, who will respect him, and cherish him, admire him, love and support him. However, he wants her to be that woman that he had to earn such strong emotions from first, otherwise, he won't appreciate her. He wants a woman who treats him like a random guy in the beginning, who's respect and love he had to earn. Once this occurs, he then feels he has won and conquered. In other words, they want the woman who plays hard to get. It is psychological to want what you can't have, because not getting what you want puts your self worth under question. When you earn what you had to work hard for, aka, what you can't have, you feel better about yourself, as if what you've earned makes you more worthy. Men don't want the bad girl. In actuality, they just think they do, because they haven't worked out the details in their unconscious mind yet, lol. In the end, the bad girl, breaks their heart and discards them. They don't want that. That's why they usually turn to good women for love and affection. What men need is, a good woman who plays hard to get. Don't be a bad girl, just be the best of both worlds= A good woman with a challenge :)

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