Sunday, December 2, 2012

Passive vs Aggressor

Women are known for being the receivers, aka, (passive), while a man is known for being the aggressor. Due to a new shift of men acting like B**@@!,and being more passive these days, women have become more aggressive than ever before. Well , as a woman, you should be able to kick back and relax your feet and not work so hard for a man. In fact, use these modern day male tactics. Today, men with feminine characteristics know how to play the female game. They don't speak first. They don't chase and they now play hard to get. If that behavior makes a woman more aggressive and makes her chase a man more, then use his tactics, and take back your womanhood. Two feminine energies cancel out each other, just as well as two masculine energies cancel out each other. If one person has feminine and or masculine energy, the opposite sex will lean more towards the opposite energy. Therefore, be feminine and let a man give to you. It's not psychological and no one is conscious of this operation, because it's, biological. If you find yourself attracted to a man that is not so manly, check your energy. It's not that you're not so feminine and lovely, you may just need to tone down your aggressive energy, which confuses the natural biological process. Be the peace maker. Just be and exist. Don't be a doer. Don't help a man. In other words, tap more into your softer, female goddess, and ask for guidance. Remember, if he's being passive, and that makes you aggressive, then switch up and become more passive, to attract more masculine energy, aka the aggressor. :) Until next time.

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