Saturday, December 29, 2012

You've Made Mistakes, so What, Love Yourself Anyway!~

In the quest of understanding men and true love, I read so many how to articles. The Do's and the Don't. Out of all the wonderful material i have read, there is one thing missing from each story, article and book, and that one thing is, self-love. No one ever tells us women how to love ourselves and how to value our worth. No we're always sent the message of, change , improve, do better next time, he's just not that into you, he doesn't want you, he will marry her, blah, blah, blah, etc! Where is the, no matter what , love yourself messages? Well I am here today to tell you what no one ever will, why? because misery sales. I make no money off of this blog, I do this out of the kindness of my heart and true desire to help. I will tell you like noone else will today and always, love yourself and know that you are a blessing beyond measure, because if you don't , he won't. Let this be our new mantra. Improving yourself is a never ending process, so why spend countless hours trying to do something that sends the message of "defect" to self. We are not defected, we are not damaged, and we are not messed up. We are great women who may have never been told this very here message. Imagine how much heartbreak you could have saved yourself from and or your friend from, if we told each other every now and again, you're too good for that. Women are accustomed to being insecure when it comes to relationships. I was talking about a guy i recently sort of dated with some girlfriends who were also having guy problems and my conclusion about my situation seemed to elicit a reaction in one of the ladies. She kept replying with, "well people can change" , maybe he'll change", as if she was implying that I shouldn't give up. Now, after listening to me express my unhappiness and feelings of not getting what I deserve, her reaction should have been, good for you girl! You deserve the best! I see that, women don't know how to do this. Most of our break downs, counseling sessions, depression , sorrow, self loathing and insecurities in relationshiops stems from a man that influenced us in our lives at some point in time. What we need is to be told, you are beautiful! Imagine how quick your true self could be put in perspective, if for once someone just told you the greatest truth about yourself. So ladies, I'm here to do just that. It's looked at as normal for men to be confident in the game of love , but for women to be insecure, doubtful and dependent. Well I say, ta hell with that. Believe in yourself. It seems like men are too complex to ever have success with. This is what I say, follow the rules, yes! If you didn't read my previous blog entries, let me remind you to get a copy of book, "The Rules", by Ellen Fein. Follow the rules, learn the game, understand men, and always work on being a better you, however, if you don't know the rules and you have made mistakes in the past and you're making those same mistakes now, it's okay, you're still you, a dime piece, so love yourself anyway! No matter how you have failed in love, and no mattter how many heartbreaks you have encountered and no matter the mistakes, you are still you, so love yourself anyway. Your success is not determined by who loves you nor how many men can catch and keep you. Your sucess is determined by self. Let your self be your guide. I am sick and tired of these relationship messages conveying, defect and self fixing. Regardless of what you have done in the past and or present that isn't working for you, know that you are a wonderful being , who deserves self love. (Personal Secrets): Men who aren't good for you secrectly want you to feel insecure about yourself, so that they can get over on you, and get what they want, while wasting your time. Imagine this, a real man wants you to love yourself. Stay high, so that he can find you. Do not let people convey negative messages to you such as, why aren't you married? why are you single? Where's your man. Remember, you are not determined by if a man loves you or not. You are defined by your own mesaures. New Mantra: love yourself and know that you are a blessing beyond measure, because if you don't , he won't

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