Sunday, December 2, 2012

Shhhh, Keep Quiet!

Women are talkers, while men are action driven. I always say,a man talking too much ain't really talking about nothing. A woman who says nothing, but shows all through her actions, now that's danger! Today's blog entry is about women catching up to their true emotions, faster and learning how to be five steps ahead. As I have said before, love is a chess game. You want to know how to play, say nothing! Stop talking; stop defending; stop arguing; stop pleading; stop explaining. In fact, just keep quiet. Every time I have opened up and expressed myself to a man,it got me nowhere. It's a set up. Don't fall for it. Sometimes a man willing to listen can be such a turn on, but in actuality, if you don't really know this man and you are not emotionally connected to that man, you're opening up like a loose cannon. Men have mastered non verbal communication. They communicate messages to women all the time, without saying a word. It works, so why not use their tactic. Everytime I talk about my feelings, I get talked out of them, and it causes confusion. When you talk about your feelings, you are giving a man a guide to talk you out of how you are feeling. If you learn when not to speak, you will gain these following things. 1) knowing how you truly feel about a man. 2) Zero tolerance. 3) having peace of mind. 4)Wasting no time and 5) Gaining more respect. Men are use to women talking about themselves and their feelings. When a woman is silent, it's game on. Men are use to knowing how to gauge women, by listening to them talk, but if you keep quiet, he will be forced to learn you and bend to you. He will have to work harder to understand. The less you say, the more power you have. Now when i say, don't talk so much, i don't mean say absolutely nothing. Of course not, be yourself. Just keep quiet when it comes to your emotions. Let him sweat trying to figure it out. Talking is intimate, so don't waste your words. Think about every time you wined, cried, yelled, got really emotional, pleaded, etc. Did it get you anywhere? Now think about all the guys you're reserved, quiet and less expressive around. Do you see the difference? Stop talking ladies ,and learn to communicate non verbally, because just as women fall for a man's words, because women are more verbal, well men analyze your behavior because they express themselves the same way. Learn to communicate your desires, feelings, and needs, by using their language,ACTION! Forget your words, they will get you nowhere. Never believe that a man will do for you because you talked so much about it to him. It's the total opposite. Men fall for you, when they can't read you through your words. So until next time ladies, shhhhhhh, keep quiet!

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