Sunday, December 2, 2012

Be Yourself (Be Nice & He No Like)

Hello ladies! I'm a strong advocate of being myself. I love me and wouldn't change a thing. Of course, I would like to be more of the queen goddess in this love game, but character wise, I love me for who I am. Be who you are who ever that is. If you're funny, quirky, fun loving, mean, bitchy, talkative, etc, if that's who you are, be it. Many women try to be something they're not and or try to prove themselves to men, only to find out that, they choose the women who wasn't trying so hard. I have seen women who were damn there naked, selling a dream and guys saw my natural beauty and looked over them , trying to get to me. My point here is, be yourself and don't give in to any man. Don't perform, switch up nor pretend to be something you're not. He will only end up with a woman who bees herself. Remember, men are Borderline personality when it comes to women. What they may dislike in you, they will like in another, so listen to nothing they say. Men have a habit of demeaning a woman's worth sometimes. I'm over being nice and passive. Men don't appreciate that, so be yourself , whoever that may be. That's what men fall for.

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