Sunday, October 27, 2013

Dear Jacob :

Hello, Male Decoded has moved and changed locations. Please refer to my new website at My new blog location will offer more services to my readers. I will no longer write on this site, so please visit new blog site. Follow me @Relationships 1O Reflecting on the text that my bishop spoke on at Sunday service. Jacob, the back stabber was mentioned.

Jacob was one of the great patriarchs of the Old Testament, but at times he was also a schemer, liar, and manipulator.

Does this man sound familiar? 

Jacob is the man who is a liar and deceiver. He tells you want you want to hear. He comes to destroy & never to build. He is cunning, charismatic and convincer. No matter how sweet he comes off, you end up feeling effed in the end!

The Jacob is also the manipulator, aka, the wolf dressed in sheep clothing. He lies, cheats, schemes, & tries to get over on you. He doesn't care about you! He only looks out for his own best interest. 

Do you know Jacob? If so it's time to raise your vibration! Before Jacob was turned into the great, he was all of those bad things. Get rid of the Jacobs and get yourself a Kyle. (New & improved Jacob)

A Kyle is God sent & he comes into your life to lift you up! Ηε wants to love you. He cares about your feelings. Kyle brings out the best in us all! He's dreamy, handsome and only has eyes for you. 
Kiss Jacob goodbye & honor your worth and get a Kyle. 

I heard a spiritual advisor on the radio station ask, are we living our lives in a way that, mocks our value? 

I ask you the same. Are you living your romantic love life in a way that mocks your value? If so, stop that? 

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