Saturday, October 12, 2013

Make me feel like non other

Hello, Male Decoded has moved and changed locations. Please refer to my new website at My new blog location will offer more services to my readers. I will no longer write on this site, so please visit new blog site. Follow me @Relationships 1O I don't need a man that makes me feel bad or doesn't treat me like the special spirit that I am. I also don't need a man that speaks about his ex, what he and his ex had and what he did for her , blah , blah , blah! That's their love story. Boring zzzzzzz What I'm in process of creating right now is, my very own west side love story. I don't need noones barrowed , run Down scripts. Got my own self as the star actress for my movie. I got my own co actors & I already have background actors. I have my scene , my props , stages , lighting , and cameras, plus scripts. I got this! What I don't need is a hammy down. No thanks , got my own story!

Men who talk about their exes and what they think they had with them discusses me. & shame on you!!  That type of behavior will never unlock the key to my love. Have some respect for your present , because your present is a gift. I never speak on my exes because I have respect for my present situation. Plus, when I'm over it, I'm over it! Take my advice men, move on>>>. What men need to understand is that, they contribute a great deal to women and their self esteem issues. To my male followers out there: You want to know how to stop a woman from complaining, crying , yelling, nagging and feeling sad?  effing treat her like the one and only. Treat her like a queen! Don't cheat on her, mistreat her, disrespect her, ignore her ,down play her, not make her feel like a diamond and expect a decent woman! Stop it with the non sense! Treat a woman right or be without a woman. It's your choice.  Men want respect, love, to feel smart and to feel like a man. There is no way a man can feel such things, if he brings about the wrong emotional state in a way , that leads to him loosing respect from her, & his manhood. It takes two to bring about the right emotions , in order to elicit the love a woman needs and the love a man needs. 

You want to impress me? You want to get and keep my attention, here's an idea: 

Love me, stupido
Be a masculine man
Care about me. - Don't look for a handout , have something to offer me
Caress my mind, make love to it 
Respect who you're in front of 
Appreciate me
Adore my special 
Never ever cheat! 
Most of all, create this love story with me
Never speak of an ex to me! 
You must 1st give to me what you've never given another woman!

Get to work buddy. 
Good movies are classics that last forever in a day and they take years to make. & I'm a whole lot of woman! 👠💋

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