Wednesday, October 9, 2013

When He Blows Hot & Cold

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Today I want to discuss a man blowing hot and cold. He blows hot and he blows cold. Is that the way to go? No , why? Because things in life consistently travel in one direction, in its own position, one at a time. When a shift occurs, it flows in a new direction. A man blowing hot and cold is contradictory. You either want to be hot or cold. 

The human body temprature should be about 98.4, which is classified as normal body temperature. Anything over, for example, 100.2 is considered too high and definitely abnormal, and would be considered a fever. Anything too low , for example, let's say 32.4 is abnormal. My body temperature is in the normal range of functioning. In fact, my body temprature remains stable. Therefore, a man liking you, wanting you , and loving you can remain consistent as well. My body temprature does not blow hot and cold.  Therefore why would I have a relationship that contradicts my mind body & soul! 

Do not allow a man to contradict you. Do not allow a man to disrespect you. You are not a puppet nor an object! 

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