Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Don't be fooled

Don't be fooled by the words, " I love her, but I'm not in love with her". That's just his way of saying, he DOESN'T LOVE YOU!
If he says that to you, that's his way of showing you he's still tied to his ex. If a man is madly in love with you, or head over hills for you, he will never have a need to not profess his love for another woman. He'll be so into you, he'll be telling you how much he loves you, and will have no room to talk about how much he "doesn't love someone else". I swear, men all read from the same handbook. What's the point of saying that anyway? There is no point, either he loves you or not. Chances are, if he's talking about another woman and how much he doesn't love her, he's still hovering over the situation, don't be fooled by the I love you's.

MEN ARE JUST LIKE WOMEN , ACCEPT LESS EMOTIONAL. That's the reason men get so in touch with their feminine sides when they fall hard. Think of how you are when you're in love, a man's love is no different. You will know when he loves you and only you!

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