Thursday, February 25, 2010

Never listen to his words (Watch his actions)!

As a man speakith, so is he. If he's talking, that's just what he is, a talker. Never believe what he's telling you and or promising you. Believe what he does and let him show you. Men are more action oriented. Don't fall for the okie doke. Don't fall for a man who says that he doesn't want to show you off in front of his families and friends. Never believe a man who claims that he doesn't want to bring you around, for the sake of running into his ex girlfriend, babies mother or ex wife. He's just not that into you. A man does not care who he hurts, when it comes to the woman he loves. He's just not that into it, if he has excuses. Men break hearts all the time, when it comes to following their own hearts desires, trust me. Trust no mans words, watch his actions.

P.S. I know of a guy who attends my church,who barely talks or calls, yet he's determined to search for me every church service. He follows me around, waits for me at places he knows I will show up and he begs to take me out, and he doesn't even have much money. In fact, he'll spend his last five dollars on me, just because he wants to be around me. That's action! A mans words is never enough, and don't you believe it is. No matter who he thinks he is, his words will reveal his true nature,because as a man speaketh, so is he. Watch a man's actions, never believe his words, unless of course,he backs it up with action. winks.

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