Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Men, Text Messaging and Calling

Ever wonder why men are texting so much these days?

Let's get this straight, men who like women don't text, they call. If a man is really trying to build a connection with you, he won't be using text messaging as his ultimate form of contact. He'll only use text messaging to plan for calls, dates or see if you're still alive. In fact, a man can't really connect with a woman without contact. If he's texting too much, chances are, he's just looking for some female energy to be around. He's not serious. Text messaging is his way of playing the field, having his cake and eating it too. If he has nothing to hide, and no woman is on her way, or just leaving his house, he'll call. Real men don't text, they call. Now, don't get me wrong, texting is the new thing in the millineum, however, if a person uses that as their first, only and ultimate form of contacting others, it's their way of being distant, and surfaced. A real friend, woman or man, will use all forms of communicating, rather, in person, phone calls, text, via email, twitter, facebook,etc.

Now here's where it gets good, text messaging should only be used to supplement phone calls, for example, "hey, just called, call me later", or " call me when you're free", or " meet me at the cafe". A text message only supplements a phone call that will take place, it does not replace a phone call. Too much texting from anyone is a red flag


Phone calls from a man should only be used to make dates to plan for one on one contact. Too much texting, calling or emailing and not enough planning is a red flag. Be careful that there is a balance.

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