Saturday, February 13, 2010

East Coast Men vs The West Coast People

Have I ever seen anything like this, never!

East and West, so different. Guys from the east are so different. They can be sweet, kind, straight up, and gentle. You know the take home to mom types. Although east guys have their good points, they come on too strong. They are quick to act as if they know you, before they really do. Love at first sight kind of guys, i mean, damn! back up, take it easy, be slow, bro. The west coast guys, hell, they are ruthless!! They are not gentle, very sensitive about their emotions, gangster, and will call you out your name if you piss them off at the drop of a dime. Not all of them are disrespectful though. West coast guys just aren't gentleman, too busy trying to be cool, calm and collective. Anything that falls under chivalry, isn't his style. They are not the take them home types, unless of course, you get a good one,a diamond in the rough. Cali guys have their bad points, but they do keep it real. One thing I can appreciate with west coast guys is, you know where you stand with them. If they want to hit, you know. If they want to be just friends you know. If they want to be with you, you will know. Whatever they are coming into your life for, you will know why and for what reason. East coast people are so cunning. They hide their agenda's, and motives. They have a more sly way of getting what they want. I can appreciate an east coast persons realness, and hospitality and although west coast people can be a little too Hollywood and phony, at least you know where you stand with them. California people are some of the realist, fakest people, you'll ever meet, lol. Fake, but so real when it comes to handling business, and interpersonal relationships. While east coast people are some of the realist, fakest people you'll ever meet. They are so upfront, rude, confrontational, judgmental, critical, and hell of verbal. However, although having a reputation for being real, you never know where these people are coming from, what they're thinking or what they're up to, in other words, their motive. Some of the realist, but fakest!, lol. West coast people just like to front, they like to dream a little, fantasize if you will, i mean, it is fantasy island, where dreams come true. When it comes to handling that business, and choosing friendships, & relationships,these people are very selective and they keep it real. East coast people play too many mind games and too many mouse and cat games. I've never had to teach so many people lessons in my life. It seems like guys back east just don't get it, until you put up a chase, teach a lesson, or tell it like it Ti's. I just wish you knew where folks was coming from. Wish you could keep it real, what's your motive?
West coast people may love the fame and riches, but when they choose a friend or mate, forreal, forreal, they choose a friend for life. East coast people can be so flaky, they come and go. You never know how long they'll stick around, or what their intentions are. It's hard to know who's in it forreal!

Don't be mad, if the shoe doesn't fit, don't wear it.
I'd rather have it straight up. Soon, heading back home will all be too soon, and close to come.

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