Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Never stay Pass your due date!

A man knows when he should be left alone. Never ever stay pass your due date. If a man does one thing that is out of line,or over steps your boundaries, hit the road! If it's a sign, it's a sign. A man knows when a woman should hit the road, but he won't say anything until it's done. In fact, don't fall for a man who begs for you not to leave him alone after he has misbehaved, it's a trap. If you stick around, he still won't respect you, and most likely will do whatever it was that upset you in the first place again, and why? Because men respect those who respect themselves. He admires the woman who will leave him,if he's inappropriate. Men love to be spanked when they have misconduct. Men respect a woman who dumps him when he deserves it. A man will never respect you if you allow him to disrespect you once and you stick around. Know your boundaries and hit the road when you feel it's right, leave no notes or explanations, he knows what he has done to deserve such a punishment. This may be a reason why, when you tell it like it is, he gets aroused. Men know when they should be put in check, told off or dumped! They sometimes even test you, to see where your self value is, by observing what you choose to stand for and not put up with. Men love a woman who values her self worth.

Never stay pass your due date. No matter how little or how small your reasoning is, a man will never respect you if you do.

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