Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Voodoo

Hello, Male Decoded has moved and changed locations. Please refer to my new website at My new blog location will offer more services to my readers. I will no longer write on this site, so please visit new blog site. Follow me @Relationships 1OAs you all should know Voodoo/ witchcraft is of the devil, period! Anybody performing it should be rebuked. I don't do anything without the presence nor the permission of God. Although women are usually classified as doing withcraft, love spells and etc, men can also do the same. I had a couple of crazy exes try it on me. 

My point is, be weary of that stuff. For there is nothing wrong with spiritual rituals, as long as it is aligned with God and is confirmed by God. Whatever does not feel right is not right. Women,  have some self esteem! Don't feel so desperate that you discount that love is of God. Have some faith! 

The next edition of this blog will discuss men who can and have also performed witchcraft love spells. 

Have you ever felt love from a man that was so Svengali, you couldn't figure it out?

Definition. Svengali: A person who has a stronghold over a person. A person who manipulates, brainwashes and has control over someone. 

When you're in a situation that you just can't figure out. I mean, he's crazy, ugly, mean, disrespectful, disloyal, abusive, not your type and especially not your equally yoked, yet you can't leave him alone; red flag. If this is so, you bets check yourself because you may be under a love spell. 

Love is God. Love is patient, love is easy, love is not boastful, love is not hurtful and love is not impatient & love never fails. 

If you are in a questioning situation, get to praying right now. Release all strongholds, rebuke and reverse all spells , hexes and curses today. Let your intuition be your guide. If you have been subjected to doing withcraft on a man, repent today , stop that and remove that curse. Let a person love you freely. Don't be unGodly, desperate nor insecure. 

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