Sunday, November 17, 2013

A Woman That Has It All

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A woman that has it all, ever heard of her? She's the one that runs the Fortune 500 companies. She's pretty, elegant, independent, opinionated, educated and successful. She's a queen, a Goddess and Doesn't she sound ideal? Full package, huh?

Yes, we'll unfortunately, just because you have it all does not mean that any man can handle it all. In fact, just because you have good traits doesn't mean a man will exactly want that. Some men actually like  weak women. In the words of a long lost friend, " unrighteous men marry unrighteous women". Some men like unaccomplished women, especially the insecure men who need an ego boast. Some men like when you are on the hush hush! Some men are threatened by women who are educated. Some men don't like independent, strong women. Men are attracted to whatever is good, however, that doesn't mean that they always end up with a good woman. Most men like to be in power and if he is insecure he might look at your good traits as his downfall. Men know something we dont. They know that if they aren't a good man, not to seek after a good woman.

Only a good man wants a good woman. Like attracts like. 

Yes, be proud of your accomplishments , and especially wear your good traits on your sleeve, but before you flaunt your goodness to another, be sure that the man you sale it to can handle it. 

You must get a man that wants a good woman. One that feels he deserves you and knows that you deserve him. 

And forget about selling yourself to the guy that could care less.

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