Thursday, November 28, 2013

Being Clear About What You Want

Hello, Male Decoded has moved and changed locations. Please refer to my new website at My new blog location will offer more services to my readers. I will no longer write on this site, so please visit new blog site. Follow me @Relationships 1O I received an article the other day stating, clear purpose attracts men. 

"When you are 100% clear about what you want out of life, amazing things begin to happen. For example, good friends, success, quality men and happiness, etc 
Being laser beam clear about your life's goals, life's purpose and dreams and what your place is in this world is, will create magic to transform your dreams into reality". 

" when you are not clear on what you want, you become the supporting character in someone else's life" your life vision is about you, your goals and your dreams. Clarity about who you are and what you want attracts the type of men you are looking for. And when you are crystal clear about how you envision your relationship to be, it's like you send out a magical invitation for the perfect man to join your life" awwww , there's beauty in the law of attraction. 

Be crispy clear about your desires and be honest with yourself. There is nothing wrong with wanting it all. When I was in my early 20's , I use to allow men to talk me out of my standards, but now that I'm 31, please. Be clear on what you want, to the T... And do not be ashamed to say so, because that's being unclear and it's dishonoring what you deserve. 

What is it that you want? What is it that you deserve? Remember, be clear! 
You will never get what you want, as long as you are not clear on your hearts desires. Just look at the type of men you attract, to better prove this point. If you are not attracting the type of men of your hearts desires, think quietly on the fact that, perhaps you are sending unclear visions into the universe. You get what you send out, rather you choose to believe it or not! So meditate on what you want and do not let time ween you away. Be patient! 

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