Saturday, November 23, 2013

So Do you want to get MARRIED?

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What kind of men are you attracting now?

What kind of crap are you putting up with? 

Are you happy?

Does this guy treat you like a princess? 

Are you living your love life in a way that mocks what the core values of what you would like to have in the long term? 

If you want to get married and have children some day, 1st let's try and leave douche bags where they belong. For thou cannot throw what is sacred to swine & that's biblical. Always remember that, where there is no vision, the people will perish. You can and will never have a true life filled with love and happiness with a guy who's a time waster to begin with. A man who has long term intentions will act and treat you in a manner that suggests that. You will feel his love inside and out. It won't just be pillow talk. Just as you can feel the love that a man has for another woman; we'll it should be the same with a man that loves you. Everyone will know that he loves you , including you. Why do we as women put ourselves through such bullshit for nickels and dimes? Why do we secretly believe that Mr. Nobody will give us diamonds and pearls? If he has small change, he can't afford a barrel. We have to be more logical and smart about our love choices, period. 

Let's get this straight, love does not hurt and it does not break your spirit. Love is easy and breezy. For God is love! Relationships may not be all that easy but loving someone is, you just do. It's not science. 

If you want real love, marriage or even babies one day, stop, think fast!! Ween the time wasters out now. If you are 25 and up, you should be dating emotionally available men & marriage material men and you should definitely be in a marriage ready relationship. Remember men can make babies all their life,  where as, many women may have babies at a late age but after 40 is pushing it. We can't not bare children our entire lives like men. You have to think smart. Your best breeding years will be early on. Do not waste time. In the words of Bruce Lee, " if you enjoy life, don't waste time, because life is made up of time". That's the best advice anyone could give! If you hate life, waste time, for life is made up of time. 

Men don't waste time, for that reason you will see yourself in a long relationship only for it to end and he end up marry someone shortly afterwards. Men don't waste time, but they're ok with wasting yours. Do what you want with your time, but Do not allow anyone to waste your precious time, for time is of the essence. If you want true happiness, get some real friends, who will love and support you and have your back. Learn to ween out time wasters in males and do not settle for crumbs, men nor relationships that won't get you any closer to the alter. 

Do not be jealous of others who have found love, celebrate them, for one day you may be them and someone may envy you. 
Do not be worrisome over a man who isn't ready for Iove or one who is emotionally unavailable. Why you ask? Because that's like wasting time. Forget about him and keep it pushing, you have a love one to catch and he ain't it. 

As stated on KPFK radio, " are you living your life in a way that mocks your values? Well are you? 

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