Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Never Date A Man When Your Life

Never date a man when your life is upside down. If you are insecure, in between jobs, jobless, depressed , stressed , lonesome , down, bored , broke, voided, not dating, etc now is not the time to date. Never date a man when you're going through. Why? Because you are more vulnerable and powerless when your life is up side down. Never date a man when you have no other options because that's like putting all your eggs in one basket. The best time to date is when you're busy with life, busy with work , busy with school, and just busy, busy , busy. Be powerful in dating , dating with esteem , instead of dating when you're vulnerable. Now I know when we are down and voided ,we desire relationships more but that is the very worst time to date ! Never date when you are not busy nor powerful in life! Never date one man at a time. Date others to ,until commitment comes. Otherwise you are setting yourself up to be putty in a mans hands!

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