Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Never Date A Man In Therapy

I know this may sound judgmental but I know first hand. Men don't go to therapy, period! They work their issues out themselves. They may go to church, pray, do yoga, mediate, talk it out with their friends, write , drink, box , jog , exercise, etc but they rarely, if ever go to therapy! My background is in psychology and let me tell you, there is a shortage of males that go to therapy. Men are problem solvers by nature and tend to find their own way at some point. Their lives are like maps and they just follow their own path, until boom, they stumble across their very own destination. Men who go to therapy are usually the most screwed up. They usually have the most issues. It's a bad sign when a man cannot solve his own problems. If a man cannot turn to God , prayer or the church for help, it's a bad look. Unless something tragic has occurred in his life , then therapy is usually not an option and even still , tragedy shows evidence for some deep seething issues leading to him seeking therapy. Now of course ,I'm not against therapy . My background is in psychology, however , it's a lot more normal and common for women to seek therapy, instead of men. Women are open, talkative, sharing and nurturing, so its totally different when a woman seeks therapy. She may be a normal girl with normal problems. She may just need someone to talk to and or she may have some serious stuff going on that she needs to work through. As a professional, I wouldn't judge anyone who seeks therapy. It can be a wonderful experience. In fact, i think everyone should try it at least once. However, In my personal life, I do not choose to date a man who is in therapy. I know , I know it may seem like he's responsible and sensitive but be careful with a man like that because he may have a lot of deep rooted issues and you don't want to get involved in the middle of that. Whenever a man decides to go to therapy, just know that, it's that bad! He's at the point of feeling as if he can't solve his own problems and has to go outwardly, instead, which is pretty effeminate since most men try their best to seek other means. Be careful with dating a man in therapy. Besides , you don't want a man who needs someone else to tell him what to do or how to think and you surely don't need a man with problems.

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