Friday, August 24, 2012

Reinforcing His Behavior

Do you know that whatever type of man you deal with and or entertain, you reinforce whoever they are? I came up with this theory a while ago , which details the psychology of a man's behavior. Here's a little psychology for you: Positive Reinforcement is when a reward is presented with behavior, which increases that behavior. With any person's behavior , if the behavior is presented with a reward, the behavior is unconsciously reinforced, with or without you or the person knowing. We reinforce behavior all the time, even when we don't know it and even if It's totally accidental. If people behave a certain way , and you present yourself as a reward to that person , your presence and your acceptance of that behavior will increase that persons behavior! When dealing with men, be very careful about this. Men have personality traits, that were already in line before you came along, so be careful to entertain a man who is righteous. When you entertain a man at his best or his worst and something about him is either on point or off point, you will reinforce his behavior. Men come as they are , so rather he is Godly, unGodly, mean, nice , gay , downlow, ratchet, nasty, disrespectful, respectful, lovely, unlovely, smart, cheap, player, censored, uncensored, loyal, responsible ,bossy, etc, they secretly believe that you accept them as they are, even if they don't have good ,acceptable character. Why do you think their behavior gets worst or better? Its crazy huh, but do you know that, a man comes as, "AS IS MERCHANDISE" and they'd like to believe that you have radar. Never entertain a man with bad characteristics. Why? Because you will only increase his character. Just the other day , i was in a shop , as i noticed these two ratchet guys, who were just out of the gutter, however, i was still nice to them and even let them go ahead of me. I should have kept looking ahead, because one of the idiot guys came up to me and asked me if I were expecting? What? Nothing about me even looks pregnant. But this guy was ignorant. So you see, when you see a duck that goes quack, recognize that duck and keep it moving! Why? Because you will only reinforce their behavior and a man is a man. No matter how nice I was , he still felt impelled to ask me that offensive question, why? Because a glass is still a glass, no matter What you do! A dog is á dog , and dogs aré dirty; dogs have fleas and dogs bite. A dogs nature is his nature , and no matter how you treat him , it ain't going to change, because a man who is a dog can only be himself. Just as a good wholesome dude, who is a respectful, gentleman can only be who he is and can't change, well that also applies to a wack dude as Well. Do you ever notice when you meet a guy ,who is not really your type , who you may have a bad inkling about, and you end up entertaining him anyway, that he becomes more ratchet, disrespectful and dull by the moment? Let me tell you why, Its because you reinforced his behavior, therefore his behavior increased. The same rules apply when you meet a wholesome, respectful guy. Always reinforce good behavior.

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