Sunday, August 26, 2012

Playing Hard To Get

A young frat of mine, whom I had 1 wonderful, yet, intellectual conversation with, felt the need to come out of the blue and say, "hey soror, I just wanted to let you know that, I see you as a cool person and a friend and I'm not trying to hit on you, and I just want to be clear about this". He felt this need to tell me this, although, I don't want him, at all and I know I didn't give off any romantic fever!I wasn't even thinking about that stuff. This brings me to my next point: I love this quote Play Hard To Get "Some women think playing hard to get is a game. Really it is not. What it is, is the opposite of being easy to get?. How has being easy to get worked out for you? Hard to get is about building romantic tension. Hard to get is about being in control of your dating life. It is about controlling your romance temperament, love life and your future. Being hard to get means you will not have to ever settle for less than the happiness you want and&;deserve.;By being hard to get you will discover how the chase will be thrilling and memorable for both of you. You will have love, fun, respect and excitement. You can be hard to get and easy to be with at the same time. It's a balance. A man likes the chase. A man values most what he works the hardest for. You are the prize and a prize is not easy. Everyone knows that, what is valuable, does not come easy. Men work for the woman they view as the prize. Think of it like this. You are not Walmart merchandise, that is easy to get and usually has a low price tag. You are top shelf material and top shelf does not come easy".

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