Thursday, August 16, 2012

I realize with men

I realize with men that, they never forget how they met you and what they had to do to get you. If he's a real man, he won't mind the fuss you put up, nor how hard you play to get, because he's here to play hard ball. A male, that isn't a real man will remember how he met you, your mannerisms, how hard you played to get, etc. When this male , who isn't a real man finally gets your attention and tries to conquer you, he will make you pay. Ever notice how a guy brings up how he met you over and over again, and or he may discuss how he courted you? Well , if you're dating a guy, who's out of your league, he will be sure to put you through hell. It's almost like punishment. Men will sometimes punish you, for being that great! Good guys don't mind, and they don't bite. Oh but real men impersonator's do. Always stick with the good guy , with good first impression rapport.

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