Monday, January 31, 2011

When a man is not into you (This is how he acts)

Ever wonder if a man is into you or not?

I got the answer right here ladies. When a man is into you, he will not criticize you, insult you, be against you, argue with you, or contradict you.In fact, it's the opposite, he will have your back. He will be your biggest fan!

When a man is into you, you can be overweight, have acne on your face , have a bad attitude, and he will still see you as an angel. Ask a man who's in love with a woman to describe her, he will be like, "she's perfect, she's beautiful"". He will describe a woman with horrible character, as a woman with a great personality! Your worst traits to everyone else, are your best traits, in his eyes. He will be in love with parts of you that others can't stand or can't handle. He will see the best in you and bring out the best in you. How many of you saw the Housewives of Atlanta after show, on Bravo last night? Notice how Kim Zoziack's new beau described every one of her worst traits as her best. He claimed, "I know the real her". A man into you will see what others overlook. He will see the real you and love you for it. He won't see you as too hot to handle, because you'll be right up his alley.

When a man is not that into you, he will put you down, criticize you, never try to understand you, fuss at you and he will never have your back. In fact, he won't even be on his best behavior, when he is around you. If you are great and complex, man average men won't make the cut in your life, but that one special guy will have the tools to win you over and he will see you as an addition to his life.

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