Monday, January 17, 2011

Men Usually think all women are the same

Do you know that, the average man thinks that all women are the same?

Men swear they know women inside and out. They think all women think the same and behave the same, until they see otherwise. In fact, they say things like "women and their emotions", "it's a woman thing", "she's a typical woman", etc. They believe that all women are the same. Due to this, men have a tendency to suggest that you act like the next woman, who appeals to his senses. They will suggest that you wear certain clothing items, wear your hair certain ways, act a certain way and etc. So then why don't they just go and get that type of woman, then? If men embraced what is unique in a woman more, there would be less comparing. Men can even make you feel insecure when they compare you to something they like in another woman. Do not change anything about your self, for his sake. Make him embrace your uniqueness.

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