Thursday, January 16, 2014

Trust Noone Trust in God


   We can be spiritual about all things, but relationships. Why is it that, we proclaim to be religious/spiritual guru's, if you will but we think its insane to consult God about our relationships/love life. We can pray and have faith in all things, even the silliest things, but we think its odd to let go and let God when it comes to romance. We believe that we are supposed to be as active as we are in purusing our dreams as we are to be in love affairs. I'm pretty sick and tired of being yanked in different directions, how about you? Love/Romance is like dieting, everybody is an expert at dating advice, but who is the real expert? God is. You are second to knowing what is best for you. Seek God and you shall find. 
Romance is like a diet. Everyone has advice on it and it all works, but what works for you is most important. Figure that out and you will be bi-winning! 
Dont just pray for school, for the job or for your health. Pray for everything, even about your love life.
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