Friday, January 24, 2014

Five Ways 2 Get Rid of A Man

1) Please annoy the hell out of him today! Wine and complain. Start today, don't wait until tomorrow. Lol 

2) Argue with him! Men love to be emasculated! (Sarcasm) Be combative with him and it will surely drive him away! 

3) Make him work overtime for it! If you're dealing with a lazy man, this will most definetely run him off. 

4) Call him continuously. Tell him you're falling for him. This works like a charm because men don't like women who are ahead of their emotions. They never like the woman who likes them more. ;) 

5) Tell him you're looking to get married and that you want to start a family. 
These five things will drive any man away. At first I was going to use this as a funny metaphor of how to get rid of a man that you don't like but I changed my mind. Let's also use this as a learning lesson for driving men who you love and admire you away! 
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