Sunday, January 26, 2014

Fantasy Man vs Reality Man

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I think we've all been there! 

The difference between a fantasy relationship and a reality relationship is, one is totally real and realistic , while the other one is totally fake/ make believe. 
Know how to tell the difference between the two. 

Let's get some descriptions happening 

Fantasy Relationship: 

1) Guy talks a lot 
2) Very Charasmatic, accept it's over the phone , internet, text meassage, Facebook, Instagram, twitter networks only 
3) Very fantasy oriented. He has so many fantasies that he would like to play out but none of the fantasies will ever happen. This fantasy guy has the gift of gab. 
4) He speaks to you and talks to you like you're a girlfriend of his but you're never invited to family gatherings and you spend the holidays alone. 
5) You have no commitments! Dude is not your man! 
6) He has no future plans for you two 
7) He likes being behind the scenes and in fact, he probably online dates 
8) He is emotionally unavailable and very detached 

Reality Relationships:

1) This man is committal and ready to mingle
2) This man backs his words up with action, in fact, he barely speaks. He just shows you what he's working with
3) He is romantic 
4) He invites you into his world. 
5) He has plans for your future
6) He takes you around his family and friends 
7) He's all about actions and not words 
8) His expectations are realistic 

In the Rules book, fantasy relationships are mentioned, so that women are able to recognize them and quickly move on from them. 

If it's fantasy, then most likely, he's a time waster. Remember, 25+ and up, our goal is to get married, not waste our time with juvenile relationships. 

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