Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Main Ingredient

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Today's topic is , main ingredients. With relationships , I am realizing for myself that relationships should consist of main ingredients. I know we all have standards and so do I, which I expect to be met. I'm all about women getting what they want but hey! On the other hand, it's easy to let some things go, if the main ingredients are being met. For instance, you cannot make a cake without , main ingredients; flour, or eggs, but you can make one without the extra toppings that are sometimes added in the cake mix, such as, nuts, pineapple, Carmel, etc all that matters in a relationship is, the main ingredients. Does he have them or is he lacking?

If a man is everything I need him to be, I can personally do without the other foolishness , if I had to. As long as he has what it takes , we can work out the rest ;)

Trust God. Put God first

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