Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Does he like you or love you?

Hello, Male Decoded has moved and changed locations. Please refer to my new website at www.maledecoded.com My new blog location will offer more services to my readers. I will no longer write on this site, so please visit new blog site. www.maledecoded.com Follow me @Relationships 1O Like! What a precious word. We grew up with this word. It's the first term you used to describe your first crush in elementary " I like you" , "Do you like me, (yes) or (no)? Remember those cutsie letters we wrote in school to one another. Like was such a powerful word. In fact, being liked or disliked is something you depended on in your childhood. Now, as an adult , we still hear the words, "I like you" from men. It's something that has carried over from childhood in so many cases, however, we're grown now! Super grown! A woman should not aim to hear words like, "I like you" and a grown man still using such a phrase should grown up and slap himself. We are women ANd as a woman we deserve to hear more romantic language from a man because , "like"doesn't get you to the alter nor close to his heart. "Like" is for the birds. Real men have "feelings". At this day and age, a man, who has the hots for you should be able to communicate that with words like, "attraction, feelings, in love, enchanted, smitten, etc". Using words, such as, "like" is, not only juvenile but it communicates a hidden message of how surfaced the relationship is, how far it will go and how mature he is. You want a man that can look you deep into your eyes and say, "I love you"! " I have feelings for you"! " I am attracted to you" , not some cheesy , " I like you a lot" line. 
In the words of a relationship therapist, that I met, " we want to get past the like stages and dating stages of a relationship and move into commitment and I love you's! 

Get over a man who just "likes" you or "likes you a lot" and move towards a mature man that has feelings and deep seething attraction for you. One who can't live without you. One who comes into your life to heal you. One who is committal to you. 

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