Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Only Way To Bring Out The Best In Him

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The article written below, was written by a man, about ways to bring out the best in a guy.

It's your boy, Devon Bradway,
here with another "Male Confessions" Newsletter!
Today, I'll be talking to those of you who are currently
seeing a guy... but feel a bit unimportant in his life.
Do you feel like he's taking you for granted? Or does he
make a lot of promises, but can't keep most of them?
Or does he treat you like a girlfriend or wife... but
you're not OFFICIALLY his girlfriend or wife, because he
doesn't want to commit to a serious relationship?
I know how frustrating it might be to see other women -
some of them your own girlfriends - hook up with guys who
make them feel very special.
These men are attentive, devoted, funny, hardworking, and
loving. They have their lives and their relationships in
order. They spend every single day of their lives making
"happily ever after" happen for themselves and the women
in their lives.
So why do some guys embody the "Prince Charming" persona,
while others don't?
Answer: It's all because of a trend that's going on in the
dating game today, that's both a blessing AND a curse to
women all over the world...
Why There's A Shortage
Of "Real Men" Today
Here's a fact: These days, guys don't chase anymore.
Do you agree with that?
In the past, guys would trip over themselves to earn the
love and affection of a girl they liked. But these days,
thanks to the "gender equality" movement, more and more
women believe they have every right to chase guys, too.
And they do. That's definitely a choice every woman is
free to make.
All I'm saying that, after serving as a relationships
coach for years, I know for a fact that things work so
And it's not because of our ego or our pride.
It's because of something MUCH DEEPER than that:
"The Chase" Brings Out
The BEST Qualities In A Guy
When a guy actively pursues you, many great things happen
to him:
- If he was once "not interested in a serious
relationship," all of a sudden he'll do whatever it takes
to win your undivided love and attention.
- If he was once irresponsible and flaky, all of a sudden
he'll start keeping his promises, turning almost overnight
into a "man of his word."
- If he was once self-absorbed and followed his own rules,
suddenly he'll start getting his life in order... as if
preparing for a very special woman to share it with.
- If he was once living just for himself, all of a sudden
you're his #1 priority... and every decision he makes is
geared towards chasing you, catching you, and making you
happy for the rest of your life.
This is all due to a fact that surprisingly few women know
about: That a man's natural "leadership" and "alpha"
qualities kick in only when he's chasing, pursuing, or
working hard to achieve something BIG.
Ever noticed how passionate guys are about sports? That's
because sports represent something deeply important to us:
For us to VALUE something, we have to WIN it. And we'll go
through pain, suffering, and humiliation to do it.
Yes, it's not logical. But is LOVE logical? ;)
That's why, when you chase a guy - or at least, when you
don't make him feel like he's chasing you - then he rarely
exhibits the sexy male qualities you expect.
He's hot-and-cold. He's flaky. He's wishy-washy. He makes
promises but doesn't keep them.
I hope you get the picture by now.
If you want him to be a REAL MAN, you have to make him
And that's not as simple as it may sound...
The Right And Wrong Ways
To Make Him Chase You
The WRONG way to make him chase is by tricking him,
leading him on, or playing with his feelings.
Believe me: Guys aren't dumb. (Ahem... who wrote this
Newsletter you're reading right now? ;)
Okay... so we're not as smart as you ladies, I'll give you
that. But we're at least smart enough to know if you're
leading us on or playing tricks on us. And trust me,
that's NOT the kind of competition we like.
What's the right way to make a guy chase you?
Simple - by making the chase as fun, interesting, and
exciting as you possibly can.
By doing so, you bring out a host of great male qualities
in him: Confidence, maturity, hard work, strength of heart
and mind, devotion to family, an honor code, and more!
So that's your choice right now. Would you like a guy
who's hot-and-cold and non-committing... or someone who
spends every waking moment expressing his love and
devotion in many wonderful ways?

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