Sunday, March 2, 2014

Before U Let A Man Into Your Life


   When we meet a man, it's like aweeeeeee! Birds chirping , sunny outside , Music playing where there is no music and good people. Well, at least that's how high I feel! Lol 

I have realized that men bum Rush their way into my life. First, I meet them and the next thing they have my number and the next day my life changes for good. Lol All of a sudden I'm getting bombarded with text message feast, "Good Morning beautiful" messages and all! Lol omg , what happened? Love doesn't happen over night and no, Mr. I didn't invite you into my life so please pump your breaks. 

Always question a man sending those typical, "Good Morning" messages! It's always a red flag. Real men in pursuit mode don't have time to send daily morning affirmations to your doorsteps. In fact, a real man barely texts! Because texting to a man on the prowl should feel similar to getting cheated. A man that's hungry doesn't want to nibble on crumbs, he wants the whole feast. He wants to see you, touch you, hug you and eventually love you. Always remember that, a man talking or texting too much is covering his inaction. 

Let me get back on task here. Men don't  not know you existed yesterday and boom! Abra kadabra , they're consuming your life the next day! Those are red flags sweety! Men rarely fall in love at first sight, as often as women do!  They're just living in the moment. A man moving too fast is a sure sign that he is not a keeper! He's Just trying to get it all in , because he's living in the moment. 

Before you let any many into your life, make sure he is for one, about you & only you! Men are infamous for showing up and showing out but leaving nothing behind. Make sure that a man is for you and supports you before you invite him into your life. Per! No free passes! Seats are for RSVP guest only! 

If you are a teacher , writer ,psychologists , freelancer, actor, educator , artist, humanitarian, MD, veterinarian , engineer, reporter , mechanic , real estate agent, whatever you are , if a man can not support you nor be about you in your endeavors, he should not get free tickets to view the concert of your life! Why? Because he will only distract and destroy you. Just look at all successful people , men and women. The closest people around them are about their life! No freebies! Make sure he's about your life before you allow him access into your life. 

Remember, men live for the moment, while you as a woman lives for the future! 
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