Friday, May 6, 2011

When A Guy

When A Guy:

When a guy is on the phone with you, and tells you he has to get off the phone because he just pulled up to his house= He's cheating! aka has a girl on the side and she lives with him.

When a guy talks on the phone with you, while he's parked in his drive way= He has a girl upstairs, awaiting his return.

When a guy calls you at odd times= He has a girl!

When a guy refuses to give you his contacts, and or house number= He has a girl and she probably lives with him.

When a guy comes on too strong in the beginning, then pulls back suddenly= He had ulterior motives in the first place.

When a guy is tenaciously trying to give you his number= He's not a hunter and he won't make any moves to pursue you.


  1. So true!!!...Girl I just wrote a post Text, no talk... #GreatMinds

    1. That's so funny! Direct me to that post ASAP. lol