Saturday, March 12, 2011

Male Box

In order to train a man , you have to beat him at his own game. It's called reverse psychology. If he acts like your not that important, then act like he's not that important and find someone who thinks you are. If he acts as if you irritate him, then distant yourself from him, as if you feel responsible for his irritation. If he cheats and treats all women like a piece of meat, act as if you're more than that, and seek no one's approval. Let him observe you as a woman. If he texts you, claiming to like you and wish to connect with you, then look at his contradictory actions and treat him as a home boy. After all, that's what friends do right? They text. Real men pursue. If he doesn't treat you as if you're high maintence, then do it for yourself and show him better than you can tell him! If he doesn't want to wine and dine you, then treat him as if he's broke and can't afford you. If he refuses to fufill his duties as a man, such as taking the trash out, killing the bugs, fixing things around the house, supporting you, making you happy.
and protecting you, then ask another man to do it.

We as women have to stop allowing these men to think that their behavior is okay, when it's mediocre. Mediocrity is not okay in life. You have to passionate about the things you want. If you have no passion, then you don't really desire what you say you do.
Men have to start working harder to get a good woman and women need to start choosing better men. Men, start climbing to the top and women, make him climb the tree to get your best apple. Stop falling short from the stem down to the ground, for him to grab a hold of you. If he's hungry, he'll eat, If he's not hungry for it, then let him starve.

Simple, A+ B= C. If he is not meeting your requirements as a man should, then treat him as if he is not being man enough for you.

That'll show him!

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