Saturday, February 5, 2011


Relationships with the most drama are the relationships that end like sun dried tomatoes. When people are for you, it's effortless and positive. The one's you fight and have the most turmoil with, are the ones who end up married to someone else , with kids, five years later. Why you ask? because you're hard headed and God had to teach you a lesson the hard way. See, whoever you are meant to be with, is who you will end up with, no matter how many relationships you have in between passing time. You are somebody's wife, just as he is somebody's husband. That will never change, so take the fights, drama, arguments as a sign that he is not the right guy for you and he is for somebody else. Better to let it go now.

And remember that, men think of themselves first, so don't make him priority, if he's making you an option.

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