Thursday, December 2, 2010

A Worldly Man vs. A Godly Man

A worldly man vs a Godly man

A worldly man or a man worldly within his approach will never pursue you the right way, in fact, he will do all the wrong stuff. He may be a good hunter but he will never hunt you the right way. He may not even be the dream guy you want. He is usually good looking, manly, has swagger, and has many admirers. He has lots of women, or female friends. He may even be a narcissist. He may be superficial, and materialistic. He might not do the things you wish him to do. He may not say the right things, or he may not treat you as you deserve to be treated. Isn't it so easy to hook up with a worldly man? I wonder why, because it's easy not to follow the rules GOD intended for us to follow. It's easier to just satisfy the flesh. Not to mention the fun you'll have, while doing it. A worldly man believes old wise tails, and he holds you to them. A worldly man fornicates and he wants to have sex with you too. He does not hold tight to his word. He makes false promises. A worldly man is earthly and of the world, so don't be surprised if he thinks you're a little too deep, lol You are too deep for a worldly man. A worldly man plays games and believes that he has to do little to nothing in order to have a woman. A worldly man expects you to chase him, as if he's the woman and when you don't , he accuses you of being old fashioned and or too traditional, instead of biblical and natural! A worldly man knows nothing about chivalry. A worldly man is a talker not a doer. A worldly man falls quick to temptation and he will cheat. Overall, a worldly man will never satisfy your spirit, because he is of a superficial mind state.

A Godly man will understand that he first has to get his self right, before conquering a relationship with a woman. A Godly man is more patient, and he consults GOD for guidance, in choosing and pursuing the right woman. A Godly man will be exactly what you are looking for and there will be no second guessing it. It will just feel right. He won't send mix signals, because his spirit matches his nature and his nature matches his actions. A Godly man brings about the right emotions out of a woman, therefore, you'll be more patient as well. A Godly man knows how to hunt for the woman he desires, in the right way. He is not metro sexual. He is also not down low. He does not wish for a woman to chase after him and he WILL NOT , EVER TREAT A WOMAN WHO IS SPECIAL LIKE JUST ANOTHER ONE. He won't categorize you. A Godly man will not grow impatient and give up on you. He won't let you slip a way because he's already a discerned man. He will learn you, love you, never annoy you, and cherish you. He will suit your spirit.