Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Passive men do not exist. Do not believe that they do. Yes, there are men who women go after and spoil. Yes, there are some men who are not as assertive and direct about getting a woman they like. BUT DIG THIS, HE'S CALLING SOMEBODY. HE IS PURSUING SOMEBODY OR SOMETHING. Something is motivating him. If he's been in a relationship before and he's not a virgin, he is not passive.

There are no passive men, he's just passive about you! Even a "passive guy" can be passionate or motivated by something.....

If he's not calling, not dating you, showering you with compliments, jocking you, pursuing you, he's just passive about you!
. He is not passive about calling you. He is not passive about texting you. He is not passive about befrieding you on myspace or facebook. He is not passive about dating nor pursuing you. Every man knows what to do. If he's passive about anything, it's you! He just didn't see your light, he doesn't know a good thing. Whatever the case may be! Be honest about this!

Remember that

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