Thursday, December 2, 2010

Men Play a Dangle Game

Men play a dangle game and that game is to say one thing and do another. They may act like they like you and then bam, their actions say another. Has a man ever tried to be sexually active with you, after making it clear that you two were just friends? Has a man ever talked to you about romance, taken you out on a date and then tried to play the friend role on you? He may act like he's attracted to you but shortly refer to you as, friend, buddy, homey, pal, etc. This is his way of playing the dangle game. The dangle game is when a guy dangles a worm in front a fish, leaving you to think about and question his hypocritical behavior, which once your mind is on him, you as the fish, has fail for the worm and hooked yourself into his trap. It's bait, baby. Men know when you like them, they can sense it. It's a sort of six sense they have. Notice how there is never any questions when it comes to a guy you don't like. When a man plays the dangle game with you, it's just his way of setting the motion, having it his way. They all do it, when they feel things can get confused or when they're testing you to see where your mind is. It's also a game. Men who like you but want to keep you at arms length are good at this game. They set the dial straight on you all being friends, but they clearly act like it's more between you. So play his game. Sense him, set your own tone.

And remember this, if a man really wants you, he will come and get you and he will find you. When a man pursues what he wants, he has no need to play these games, because it's purposeless.

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