Monday, April 26, 2010

A man only respects a woman when....

A man only respects a woman to the level that he deserves to be respected. In other words, if you're dealing with a foolish man, with no respect for him self, he will not respect you either. If he doesn't deserve to be honored, then he won't respect you for honoring him. A man who deserves respect and is about something respects the woman who is attracted to him for that reason. As smart as I am , I once had a guy call me dumb. I asked him why he would say such a dumb thing to me and he replied with, "because you're entertaining my dumb ass". My point is, his comment had nothing to do with my intelligence, but all to do with him. He knew that he was a turd and because i actually conversed with him and exchanged a few words with him, he lost respect for me at that moment. This may be a reason why nice guys say things like, "nice guys finish last". A nice guy knows he nice, but he lacks respect for a woman that doesn't recognize him for being nice and goes for the bad boys. A man will only respect you to the level that he deserves respect. Watch how a man conducts himself. If he thinks highly of himself and behaves correctly around you , he may be a keeper and or someone who will treat you with high regard. A man knows when he's foolish or when he's a good guy and he will only respect you to the level in which he behaves around you and or carries himself.

Take heed, I always say that people who have low self esteem, either have low esteem because they are no in tuned with their positive traits and or they do know the truth about themselves and they recognize that they don't have good character.

Just as a person that feels good about themselves. A person that feels good about themselves either feel that way because one, they see how great they really are, or two, they don't have adaquate self esteem anyway.

A man will only treat you in terms of how he deserves to be treated.

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