Friday, June 4, 2010

Never Chase After a MaN !

Never , ever chase after a man. If a man sends the message that he wants to be chased, run like hell. A real man hunts. You will not chase him, not today, not at the expense of your self esteem, and not ever! You are not a dog; you are a prize. You are a woman, a treasure to a man,know that. A man who doesn't want to chase after the girl he wants is pathetic, insecure or probably not a hunter. If a man sends the message that he wants you to chase after him and or do half the work, he's lazy, looking for a fan club or he's probably just afraid of rejection. In that case, you don't want him anyway. Never let a man confuse long term girl with fan club girl. If you chase after a man, he won't respect you in the end. They respect the women that don't come easy,no matter what they say. No matter how much a man denies this fact; they will always remember the girl that they could not conquer or the one they had to fight for. It's the American dream. Don't show desperation, be a queen. Never, ever chase after a man, he will not respect, adore or desire you in the end. If you do happen to have a good relationship with a man that you chased after, just see how long it will last. Most likely, he desires a woman that he cannot have and she's the one who gives him a run for his money.

In the animal world, it's the male that seeks the female animal. The female presents the opportunity. We're all animals, aren't we?

This message was written by a young lady on yahoo answers: "I think it is not so much of the "ignoring game" or the "playing hard to get", its more about being confident and not falling head over heals for a man, but instead waiting until he makes the moves. Don't let him read you too quickly and i think that's what makes a man chase a woman..."

In the book and movie, "He's Just Not that into you", it says that, if a man is into you, he will pursue you, no matter how busy he is and he will make plans in advance to make sure you're available. There are no doubts about how a man feels about you, if he is interested in pursuing a friendship with you.


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  2. I often find myself back here...Hoping One day maybe the right one'll find me

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